Apply for Training


EIS provides vocational training for eligible applicants. Training expenses of up to RM4,000 will be covered by EIS. Training recipients who attend all their training sessions may also receive a financial incentive. Please apply for training HERE.


EIS is always searching for new training providers to provide a wide variety of high-quality courses to our Insured Persons (IPs). Please register your company HERE after referring to the GUIDELINES if you are interested in collaborating with us.


This is the step by step application procedures as a Training Provider.



Step 1:

Make an application as SOCSO Training Provider on the website :

Step 2:

Complete and upload all required documents on the system.

Step 3:

Register at least one course in the system.

Step 4:

Submit your application.

Step 5:

The Vocational Officer will e-mail the Course Template and SOCSO Short Term Course Cost Calculation Form to the e-mail address of the training provider.

Step 6:

Training Provider will need to send the Course Template and SOCSO Short Term Course Cost Calculation Form together with examples of course certification, employer commitment letter (if necessary/for PENJANA 3.0) and other related documents via e-mail to The checklist for the information that needs to be attached is as follows:

1. Course Template (in Excel Format).

2. SOCSO Short Term Course Cost Calculation Form (for each training courses offered).

3. Example/proof of Professional Course/Competency Certification (for each course offered).

4. Commitment letter from employer for soft skill courses such as courses in the form of management, communication, language, customer service, leadership, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing).

5. Training Provider also need to send the Speaker/Trainer profiles for each related course.

6. Other relevant supporting documents (collaboration letter with certification body and course content).

Step 7:

Presentation of the training provider’s courses proposal to the Training Committee Meeting for approval by the training secretariat.

Step 8:

The Secretariat will inform the results of the course/meeting to the training provider within 14 days after the Training Committee Meeting via e-mail.

Step 9:

The Training Officer uploads the approved courses into PENJANA 3.0 portal on behalf of the training provide and will email a copy of the course approval to the training provider (for PENJANA 3.0) within 5 working days. For EIS program, Training Provider need to update/register for all the approved courses on the SOCSO Training Provider Portal. (Referring to the training committee's decision).

Step 10:

Employer (approved at Hiring Incentive part) will do the training application for PENJANA 3.0. While, Insured Person (IP) will do the training application for EIS program.