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Laporan & Artikel 2021

Employment Outlook

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Bridging Occupations & Qualifications (195 downloads)
Job Compass (214 downloads)
Job Opportunities 2021 (196 downloads)
State of the States (198 downloads)
Common Job Loss Reasons (210 downloads)

Policy Brief (EU-ERA)

International Travel and Tourism as a Key for Economic Recovery (41 downloads)

Publications (EU-ERA)

365 - Year in Review (134 downloads)
The Day After Tomorrow: Estimating the Impacts of Ending Temporary Wage Subsidy Programme, 8 February 2021 (576 downloads)

The Labour (EU-ERA)

Vol.2 No.11 – November Edition (32 downloads) NEW
Vol.2 No.10 – October Edition (314 downloads)
Vol.2 No.9 - September Edition (102 downloads)
Vol.2 No.8 - Merdeka and Malaysia Day Edition (1376 downloads)
Vol.2 No.7 - July Edition (215 downloads)
Vol.2 No.6 - June Edition (1615 downloads)
Vol.2 No.5 - May Edition (1617 downloads)
Vol.2 No.4 - Labour Day Edition (1440 downloads)
Vol.2 No.3 - March Edition (156 downloads)
Vol.2 No.2 - February Edition (635 downloads)
Vol.2 No.1 - January Edition (610 downloads)

Quarterly Labour Market Perspectives (EU-ERA)

Q3 2021 - A Sign of Labour Market Rebound (179 downloads)
Q1 2021 - Stabilisation of Labour Market in the Post-Crisis (185 downloads)
Q4 2020 - Modest Labour Market Recovery (349 downloads)

Discussion Paper (EU-ERA)

Will the End of Wage Subsidiary Programme Have an Impact on Employment (172 downloads)

The Extent to Which Improving Inter-Linkages between the SME and Large Enterprises Bring Economic Benefits (122 downloads)

Do Demographic Factors Affect Speed of Job Placement (119 downloads)

Job Market Efficiencies During Pre- and Post-Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia (158 downloads)

How Do Various Lockdown Measures Cause Loss of Employment in Malaysia Empirical Evidence Using EIS Administrative Data (229 downloads)

Development of Labour Market Leading Indicators for Unemployment Rates in Malaysia (225 downloads)

Heterogeneous effects of employment on growth in Malaysia (216 downloads)