Understand Your Personality


The RIASEC test is based on a theory by American psychologist John L. Holland. According to him, each letter stands for a certain personality type, which in turn is suited to different professions. For example, an investigative person might pursue a career as a biologist while a social person would enjoy working as a teacher.

  1. Realistic (R) – Realistic people like to work with their hands e.g. operating machines. They may be carpenters, electricians, farmers, firefighters, mechanics, pilots, plumbers, ship captains, surveyors, technicians etc.
  2. Investigative (I) – Investigative people view themselves as intellectual and like solving mathematical and scientific problems. They may be biologists, chemists, computer programmers, dentists, doctors, economists, engineers, pharmacists, surgeons, veterinarians etc.
  3. Artistic (A) – Artistic people are drawn to creativity and the arts e.g. music, dancing, painting, literature. They may be architects, authors, chefs, fashion designers, graphic designers, journalists, musicians, photographers, poets, public relations officers etc.
  4. Social (S) – Social people love interacting with other people and helping those in need. They may be clergy, counselors, customer service executives, diplomats, human resources executives, lawyers, nurses, social workers, teachers, trainers etc.
  5. Enterprising (E) – Enterprising people are business-minded and enjoy persuading other people. They may be businesspeople, brokers, finance executives, purchasing managers, real estate agents, recruiters, sales managers etc.
  6. Conventional (C) – Conventional people excel at orderly, structured tasks that are repetitive in nature. They may be accountants, actuaries, administrators, bank tellers, data entry clerks, insurance agents, librarians, secretaries etc.


This test is important for you to identify your personality and interests to enable you to find a suitable career in the future. Before committing to any job offer, you should consult your Employment Services Officer for comprehensive employment support.

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